January 11, 2013 — 23:12

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Deseret News:

Raised doughnuts for fall: A family tradition

A practically perfect pie crust

Dying Easter eggs with onion skins

Seminary Superman

Running, Dementia, my Angel

Friends and family rally to help raise funds for headstone

 Christmas tradition

Pulling out all the stops for honey candy

Don’t forget the asparagus

The most shocking moments in Utah Jazz history

Etiquette tips

Walking away from sugar

 Triathlete shares journey to championship


Salt Lake Tribune:

Southbound train: lessons from a bum




A guide to tackling tough kid tasks

Cerebral palsy: One mother’s journey


Mormon Times:

Fifty year friendship


Sundance Film Festival:

Moviegoers weigh in on ‘The Music Never Stopped’

Connecting to life is theme of ‘The Music Never Stopped’

‘Miss Representation’ targets media’s treatment of women

The sun shines on Ogden



‘Frontman: The Alex Boye Story’

‘Lemonade Mouth’

 CD Review: ‘Flying High’

CD Review: ‘Live what I Know’

‘Harmony: The Music of Life’

Book review: ‘Book of Mormon Children’

Book review: ‘Women of Strength’

‘Lead, Kindly Light’






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