That divorced girl: Weight-lifters
January 24, 2016 — 20:33

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FullSizeRender 11This isn’t a blog post about divorce. It’s a post about gratitude.

Gratitude for those unlikely and familiar weight-lifters who come into my life, daily, and take weight off my back. Weight that requires a keen balance. Too little, and I won’t get stronger; too much, and I will break. So, I surround myself with a network of weight-lifters, who may not know it, but eliminate what I can’t bear.


Props to my girls who text me daily. Check in on me. Bring me cookies. Give me advice on parenting, career, dating, and cleaning. All the while, keeping me on the flight path I’ve chosen to be on, especially on those days I wanna crash. True girlfriends lead with love, carry kindness, and keep up with the stories of my life; 1,000 texts at a time. Rare and true, are these girls of mine.

I’ve been lucky enough to have guy friends over the last several months that offer me radical honesty and advice. It can get very uncomfortable. Hearing what you don’t want to hear. I learn so much more when I am placed in a position that requires me to think and ask the hard questions of myself. They teach with a different approach to dealing with emotional baggage; a check-list of things to do to pull out of a tailspin. Some have been where I am, divorced and single, on the Mars side. And, their perspective gently guides me. Others teach me the practical lessons that I gotta know to survive, like how to change a burned out headlight. Teaching me, not just telling me, so I can do it on my own.

Family is the magnet of love. The core of this life revolves around this unit of creation. Its the truest of attachment. Empathy is unending. The understanding they each offer comes with wisdom; and because they know me, the advice is a game-changer. They remind me, by acts of service, calls, and gifts, that I am surrounded by a support system who believe in me.
I spend more time with my co-workers than any other group listed. The energy they give off sets the atmosphere for the 8-hours we are together. Here’s the cool thing about my co-workers though. They know me. And, when I am not on my game, they build me up. Buy me a Twix, toss me a compliment, pat my shoulder on the walk-by. It all adds up, and takes away, at the same time, the weight of my doing so much all the time.
Virtual Friends:
When I wrote my book I had no idea one of the benefits would be a global reach of new friends, who truly CARE! Out of the blue they will message me. Tell me that they have just read my book, and every blog post I have written. Then expressing to me that with my gift of writing, I can help so many. Who says that? Strangers that weight-lift, that’s who.

My back is getting stronger, maybe one day my arms will, too, but for now, I am taking on all I can, and the rest; is lifted off me.

  • MJ Warren

    Love this Aims, love you!!! You are amazing in every way. Keep up your beautiful gift of writhing. You are so blessed and loved, you inspire so many by your wonderful gifts and with your great personality. People naturally gravitate to you… there’s a reason for that, you are beautiful inside and out, you are real and you are so loved. 💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖😙😙😙 I love you to the moon and back.

    January 24, 2016 — 21:04
  • PK

    Hi Amy, your friend from afar. Very nice essay. You have written with focus and feeling on how you are feeling, and at the same time you have been able to express how the rest of us feel. Well Done Amy, Well Done!

    January 25, 2016 — 15:39
  • pat

    Amy, great read!! I feel very fortunate to be a virtual friend. Your honest words and thoughts have touched many hearts, and you have uplifted many spirits. You have been a shinning example of the power of positive thinking. You have accomplished much, at such a young age and you still have so much more we all know you will accomplish!!!! You truly are a very kind, caring and loving person and because of this you will meet many people who will be willing to help you on your journey…

    January 29, 2016 — 17:36
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