right here.
November 22, 2015 — 15:50

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Amy Jo Wilde/right hereTen years ago I saw a spectacular movie about Greece, a sun drenched ancient paradise telling stories of the past in a simple palate. I could feel myself vacationing there, breathing the air, writing the words that atmosphere inspires when it is changed and unpredictable. The stone walls, white villages, blue water, all sunk deep into my wish list of places I wanted to experience. I stopped thinking about visiting Greece about a year ago, and started making plans to live there. Not forever. Just 55 days. Or maybe eleven months. Long enough to feel the equality of salt in my veins and the ocean water.


But for now, I am right here.
Here where little hands “fingerprint” a new cube of butter, just because. Here where I am helping with science fair homework, and watching her young mind put together an experiment alongside frustration. Here, mediating teenage kid arguments and praying they one day get along. Here, dancing to music with my girls, pretending we are rock-stars. Here, holding my sick little one when she has a fever, and won’t let go of my hand. Here, teaching my son to drive, and how to be a gentleman. Here, taking care to create a home with baking, laughing, late movies, and lots of laundry folding. Here, focusing on my health, faith, career, friends, and family. Here, watching the sun rise each morning, and set each night; a sky full of stars when the moon is dark, a path lunar lit when the moon is full. I’m here. Right where I should be.


One day I will be right there. Eating a ridiculously delicious galaktoboureko at Kosmikon & Galifianakis, looking out at the rhythm of the waves….. chatting with friends old and new. So inspired and alive. And, I will reflect on the days of right here. I will look into the past and nod, grateful that I did all that I could, was all that I needed to be, swam as fast as I dared, hiked as high as the earth let me, shouted my dreams till they echoed, whispered truths as quiet as a touch, and loved as deep as the ocean could sink my brimming heart.






I was, right here.

  • The Travis

    Any time you’re ready to go; just find me.

    p.s. – love the shoes.

    November 22, 2015 — 16:08
    • Amy Jo

      You are the best, Travis! Thank you for approving of Greece, and my shoes. :) XO!

      November 22, 2015 — 16:29
  • pat

    Sounds like we might be having a bad hair day? I do hope that today, Monday was a much better day for you.

    Greece is nice, but the island of Crete is much better. Why do you ask? Fewer people, and you can have a whole beach to yourself, which I think is pretty cool. If you’re really lucky and can rent a small house over looking the beach, you could sit out on your veranda stare out on the blue Med. Sea and gaze upon the whitewashed houses with blue roofs just below your house and wonder what all the poor working slobs are doing. This is of course after your next book is published and is number 1 on the New Your Times Best Seller’s list… Which it could be.

    November 23, 2015 — 18:54
  • Jill

    Amy – how beautiful.. I just about cried as I read your impactful and lyrical words. Wow!

    November 23, 2015 — 22:08
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