the girl with the golden tattoo
October 26, 2014 — 18:59

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I had a flash tattoo applied to my upper arm, three strands of gold in shapes of diamonds and spheres, to catch and then reflect the light. My mom was the first to notice.  She said, “You look like an Egyptian beauty.” I smiled and owned the compliment. Perhaps for a day or two I even wanted to be my favorite Egyptian character, Cleopatra, who came from Greek family origin (another reason I am intrigued by her). Despite much tragedy she owned her commanding intellect and personality, and just as equally, her failings and flaws.  Her name means glory; her heritage speaks to greatness. Although a woman of magnetic physical beauty, it was her incomparable way of captivating others with her words, sweet tone of voice, and conversation that brought out her real power. Cleopatra’s  influence wasn’t water or air, running through fingers and lungs, it was a tattoo—with staying power.

My personal life is nothing like hers. My quest though, feels similar. To hold things together in the midst of my own personal earthquake. Not violent battles in Egypt, but my own gentle battles that have caused me to seek a new path.  All change provides growth, and a level of understanding yourself that can only come when moving forward. Past days that have been challenging provide necessary knowledge filled with compassion and a determined rise to greatness for future hours.

I am not Cleopatra. I am me. One woman seeking decisions and a direction that is my truth, my destiny, and my purpose—scattering influence, seeking positivity, and gathering goodness—all while wearing my golden tattoo.


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