be the butcher.
May 3, 2014 — 22:12

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Every so often a stranger comes into your life and makes such an impact that it changes the course of your mindset. I was lucky enough to cross paths with a positive-force-of-energy recently, and  it just so happened to be on a morning that I was feeling negative. Oh, you know the self-talk, when all of your short-comings jump to center stage in your mind—while at grocery store trying to pick out a decent orange juice. No? This has never happened to you? Well, its happened to me.  On this particular morning I was going over all the areas of my life: career, hobbies, and relationships that were not going as well as I had thought they should be. I need to be a better Mom, I said to myself! Advance my career! Sell more books! Be a better friend! I selected my stand-by orange juice: Simply Orange, and kept walking the length of the grocery store. It was early and I was still suffering from Jello arms from an intense CrossFit workout. My negative mood was climbing. I’m 41 and sit in a cubical! I can’t do a pull-up without a double elastic! Then out from the butcher door came this guy. So happy. Light as the noon-day-sun-in-the-middle-of-a-grocery-store at 6:15am. He was HAPPY!!

He looked right at me and said, “Good morning!”

I replied, “Sure, and …how’s your day going?”

He sends back, “Its gonna be a great day!”

I believed him, too! In just a few words he had changed my mood. An hour later I was on my way into work, on a mission to make my day great, too. I stopped by my friend Glen’s desk. I told him about the butcher. He nodded along, converted. Later that week a group of us went to lunch. We talked about the butcher. The buzz about his positive attitude started to catch on. Soon, we were all saying, “Be the butcher.”  Rise above the negative talk! Be grateful for that cubical! Be the best you can be! The more I started to tell the story of the butcher, the more I realized how much I had to be grateful for. So, toss me a chuck roast! Frisbee spin me a rib-eye! Javelin throw me a pair of drum-sticks. Cause this girl is ready to be the butcher.

"The Butcher" - Kent's Market Place

“The Butcher” – Kent’s Market Place


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