shiny legs and other life skills: the reprise
April 13, 2014 — 9:27

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Here it is again for all of you gals who are looking forward to warm weather, skirts, shorts, and oh, those shiny legs!

A handful of years ago I was privileged to teach a group of young women about the trials of life, how to face them and how to plow through them with grace. I focused on why our trials make us better, stronger people by building character and depth. Teaching the youth is an adventure, and I know all too well that if you are not hitting the mark they will let you know with their ‘just not interested in what you are saying’ body language. I was intrigued and excited at how well I was getting through to one girl in particular. She was involved with my words to a degree that usually does not develop until much later in life. Her eyes locked with mine several times as if she had really understood the message I was giving. I thought to myself, “Nice work Amy, really nice work.” For once I had hit a chord with these young grasshoppers. I had shared a piece of my life, and they would benefit.

I closed my lesson and opened the discussion to questions. For or maybe five seconds passed, and the the girl who was so intently involved in my lesson raised her hand and said these words: “Sister Wilde, how do you get your legs so shiny?”

That my friends is where one lesson officially ended, and another began. I taught them the hard work and skill necessary to gain sheen and shimmer to their legs. It is not as easy as one might thing, but the end result is very worth it. It takes tools of the trade, bought at your local grocery store, to include a razor with quad blades, a pumice stone, shaving gel, and body butter.  The secret is in the proper amount of exfoliation coupled with the double shave. I warned these young grasshoppers of the dangers of using a single blade razor, the horrors! I touched on the forbidden process of shaving a dry leg with a dry razor, and by the way, I had an excellent personal experience about this unspoken, assumed knowledge. The steps were talked about is grand detail, and I had no doubt that each girl was giving me her full attention. It was indeed, a lesson for the ages.

That hour ma have ended differently than it started, but I can tell you this…it is one that will be remembered. So, I say this to all young women, “Your trials will come, your clouds will rain, your heart my break, and one day life will hit you smack in the head…but for now—enjoy your good looks, enjoy your youth and lovely radiance…and throw on a skirt and shine, shine, shine!”

Shiny Legs Recipe:
  1. Soak legs for 10 min in warm bath
  2. Use a pumice stone in gentle circles all over your legs
  3. Using shaving gel and a quad razor shave slowly TWICE over the lower leg and knee (or as high as you want to go).
  4. Pat legs dry until damp, then apply body oil (I love coconut oil. Let it soak in.
  5. Apply a yummy body butter (I love the ones from the Body Shop).
  6. For added shine you can use glimmer powder (I use one from Sephora).
  7. And yes, show those legs off! Throw on a skirt and SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!

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