thousand dollar day spa.
December 12, 2013 — 8:53

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Yesterday marked my fourth visit to the thousand dollar day spa. And, might I add, it gets better each time. I feel like, as I get a little older, I deserve to have this one, amazing luxury. Usually I make the appointment after feeling the pains of stress and decide that I need expert hands to help me feel better. Upon arrival I am greeted by a staff who knows my name, as they should. I am a valued, customer. Soon I am taken to my room, placed in a reclining chair, and then the real relaxing begins. The pain is nearly immediately taken away by a cocktail of supreme power given to me by a highly trained pain-taker-awayer. Then, it is off to dreamland. I prefer to close my eyes at the spa; it helps with the full body relaxing experience.  The staff speaks quietly as they work over, and file, and smooth all the stress away. The sound, literally, rocks me to sleep. The staff say this is a bit unusual, but not unheard of. They let me rest while they continue the three-hour treatment. Honestly, a thousand dollars is cheap for how they make me feel. I walk out of there a new woman. That is after I have collected myself — it can take a bit of time before you feel confident enough to drive yourself home. Pretty much all the girls in my family go to this spa. Even my dad has been once. I think my sister Jeannie has been the most though. One time she flew home from England, where she was living while getting her PhD, just for a day at the thousand dollar day spa. They opened after hours just to accommodate her. Yeah. It’s that awesome. So the next time you are needing a relaxing day away from life, three hours of bliss to daydream and put all your worries behind you, just book an apt. with my endodontist…Dr. C. Ray Moser and staff. Some people call it a root canal, I call it my spa day.



**now drinking the coldest drink ever and not feeling a thing**


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