confidential to Garden City.
October 12, 2013 — 5:30

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I see your halos. Wednesday night they were shining there, right above each of you. I could see in my heart all the hours you spent taking care of her, washing her kitchen floor, bringing her in meals, and massaging her sore muscles. I could feel your love. Tangible, real, love. You knew her happy days. You told me stories of serving with her, laughing with her, and doing joy-school with her. You knew her challenging days. Your tears were reminders of the example she left for us to follow. I fell in love with you women of Garden City that snowy  morning in February when I saw the hundreds of pink ribbons line the street—on a day that I hoped would never come. Thank you for loving her, and for sharing that love with me. Garden City, you have a piece of my heart, forever… I see your halos, and so does she.


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