hundred dollar day.
April 15, 2013 — 13:33

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Every so often I tell the kids, “Its time for a hundred dollar day!” Here is how it works: Spend $100 on fun & food in one day. The key is to try as much as possible to let the kids plan the day. I also have tagged this my day of “Yes! Sure! Let’s do it!” My kids understand these are special events, and not every day can be a hundred dollar day (and I pretty much tell myself the same thing every time I go to the mall ALONE!).

For Spring Break the kids planned the following hundred dollar day (I took the day off but Kory had to work so it was just me and the three kids):

  1. Take the frontrunner train to Salt Lake City –$15.00 for a round-trip family pass
  2. Get on TRAX and go through the city to downtown – free
  3. Go check out the new mall: City Creek (This was Hayden’s idea)-free
  4. Stop at the City Creek food court (Emma’s idea) and I said YES to whatever they wanted to eat (we stood in two different lines) – $20.00
  5. Walk through Salk Lake to the Energy Solutions Arena and take pictures of the great statues of Karl Malone and John Stockton (Hayden’s idea)- free
  6. Make a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I said, “Get whatever you want!” – $15.00
  7. Visit the Clark Planetarium and check out the awesome exhibits! WOW! The kids loooved it (Emma and Hayden’s idea) – free
  8. Watch a movie at the DOME at the Planetarium about surfing (OK this was my idea but it was cool!) – $28.00
  9. Train ride back home, where Maggie fell asleep in Hayden’s arms and he said, “This is the best part of the whole day.” – priceless
  10. Take-out chicken dinner from Maddox – $20.00 and also priceless

Total cost for our day of fun: $98.00

Total pictures taken: More than I can count

As a working mom I know that I have to make the time I have with my kids count. This is one successful way (whew!) to spend time together and make quantity AND quality memories.




standing still.
April 7, 2013 — 14:50

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My three-year old daughter, Maggie, is a bit of an escape artist. She can quietly open the back door without me hearing her, and soon she is making a mad dash to the dog pen to play with her pal, Wiley. Recently, she discovered she can also unlock (yes I lock the doors even when we are home) the front door and send me into a panic by disappearing “somewhere” in the yard. Scanning a six-acre yard in panic mode is not my best form. I have found, however, that if I just yell, “Maggie! I have a cookie for you!” she will come running just like the dog does when I tell him I have roast beef scraps. Last night it was raining. I was washing the floor. Maggie was helping. Sort of. In the two seconds that I looked away, she escaped. The front door was open. Ha! I was hot on her trail. I ran out to the large front porch and there stood Maggs. Just standing still. “I wanted to watch the rain Mamma.” The storm was coming in from the east and the dark sky was juxtaposed against the bright setting sun—and the clouds were just starting to open up with rain. Instead of racing back into the warm (and clean!) house, I said, “Maggs, do you want to sit out here with me?” She nodded. I sat on the white bench, pulled her onto my lap, and together we were still. Just watching. Listening. Pausing. Thinking. Five minutes later she was ready to go back in. But in that short break I gained a moment of clarity on the larger perspective of my day by stopping the chaotic motion and taking note of the joy of being still.


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