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 I feel words all day long. They are a part of me. Ever since my mom gave me a journal at age 10 I have been capturing my thoughts. Now the same words that live in me are making their way from my mind to the screen. I recently finished my memoir, White Bees, all about the triumph of overcoming a trial of being born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate…a trial that I wouldn’t change.



Review of White Bees from Tim Duffie, USMC
Vietnam, 1966-67

“Courage has been described as the act of facing danger or pain when there is a clear alternative to avoid it. As a Marine with thirteen months of combat experience in Vietnam, I have seen courage.

Amy Jo Wilde displayed courage greater than any I saw on the battlefield. The battlefield offers few alternatives. However, Amy Jo could have simply accepted her circumstances and avoided months and years of excruciating pain and agony. Nobody would have thought any less of her.

But she didn’t! She demanded more of herself. She knew she was beautiful. She just knew it was going to take a lot of pain to get to where the rest of the world could see it.

I shed many a tear as I read “White Bees”. Some were tears of empathy as I felt her pain. Others were tears of joy when those things she had longed for, and prayed for, began to come to fruition.”



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